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Lee Academy is a dance studio, gymnastics/acrobatics & cheer-leading school, aerial arts training centre & vocational full-time course provider. We also offer a talent agency, in-house professional photographer, a professional dance company and Lee Academy college. Each department is highly specialised and completely dedicated to providing the very best in service and training, ensuring each & every one of our students realise their maximum potential.


Lee Academy’s objective is to inspire a passion for the performing arts in every student who passes through our doors. In the process, we strive to set the right example and help each student (and their parents/guardians) create memories that will last a lifetime.


Lee Academy is here to further the health and happiness of our clients, to become mentors to our students and to build the image and strength of the performing arts on the Central Coast and in the wider industry.


Lee Academy is the place to be!



The highest educational standards & experience is expected from all Lee Academy faculty members. They are lifelong learners who continue to educate themselves through certification programs, teacher-training schools, conferences, and other learning opportunities. Most importantly, all teaching staff already hold the appropriate qualifications needed to safely teach at the highest level.

When you join Lee Academy you are taught only by the best. There is a constant stream of working professionals within the entertainment industry passing through our doors to work with & inspire our students. As well as all of these national & international artists, Lee Academy students enjoy a solid foundation staff who are amongst the most experienced, inspiring & highly qualified coaches in Australia.


We always have something great going on, & in any given week you can take great classes with industry professionals from all

over Australia & overseas.

Lee Academy provides a safe, consistent, stable environment, which has proven to be essential to the development of a well rounded dancer, both physically & mentally. A testament to this, Lee Academy has remarkable teachers that have been with us exclusively for over 20 years, with more & more wonderful coaches joining this core team every day.


Lee Academy
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All images are of Lee Academy dancers and teachers past and present.


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